Friday, April 27, 2007

Leggo my Eggo

I am a firm believer in Market Research. I will never hang up on someone doing a survey. I belong to a couple of research groups online and participate in a couple of random surveys each week. I figure the only way companies and others are going to get things right is to know what I want.

I also have a array of magazine subscriptions (all free) that ask that I glance through them each month and just answer a couple of questions such as "Did any ads stick out to you? Did the layout of the Table of COntents flow evenly?" I then take all of the magazines to Adam's Dr.'s office and leave them there for others.

This week a styrofoam cooler arrived on my porch - CAUTION Contains 5 pounds dry ice!_ it read. Cool! Packed in the dry ice was a package of Eggo waffles. Please try these for a week and answer some questions online when complete. No spit, no swab involved. Just a little - ok alot - of butter and some syrup. Last year I received fruit snacks, they wee unmarked as to the brand so you wouldn't be swayed, but one bite in and melody and Adam pronounced they were Yogo's.

Recently I joined a Secret Shopper Program. I have yet to do my first shop, but I think it will be interesting. They specify where you go and what action they would like you to take. They then reimburse you for your purchase and pay you a stipend as well. Of course, I won't be sending anyone to college on the tipend, but again, if I want something done to my satisfaction, I have to let them know what I want.


  1. Wow, and I thought I was the only one that liked doing surveys like that... Although the ones I have taken have nothing to do with market research. Any websites or programs that you would recommend for a market-conscious college student???

  2. Sean's School cafeteria can use a secret shopper to give feedback to the top administrators.