Monday, May 21, 2007

Num Nuts

Now that I am a member of the unemployed, I decided to register with a Temp. Agency. I figured it wouldn't be nice to look for a full time job, get an offer (yes, I am optimistic that anyone I meet will offer me a job), and then request 3 weeks off in June for my cruise. So a temp agency is the way to go.

Anywho, Kathy knows someone from ABWA and she told me to come in on Monday morning for an "interview". What it actually was for is testing. I tested in MS Word, Excel and general typing. I Loathe testing of any kind. I get nervous and second guess myself all the time. The MS tests were on the computer and gave you a second (and third) chance at the end to go over the questions you got wrong and try again, well I got more then I liked wrong but still had 15 minutes of the 30 minute timed test, so I went back for more tries. After feeling like I didn't care anymore, because I didn't do well enough to please myself, I went ahead and went on to the typing test. I have never been a great typer. I can type without looking but lack the self confidence to not glance down and trust myself to type the right thing. Then if I make a mistake I have to go back and fix it immediately, I can not leave it there to be counted in against the time. It was a 5 minute test with a script to copy. I got almost halfway through when the timer went off. Oh well, I flubbed that one too.

I let them know i am done and wait to be "interviewed". The agent calls me in the office and congratulates me on my wonderful test results. She informs me that I scored way above the average for MS Word, that their average is like 56 (I'm thinking in my head, that's an F and that's your average?). Then she gives me my Excel score of 88 and tells me their average for that is in the 60's. WHAT!? Then my typing was 51 and she was IMPRESSED with that. I wanted to laugh so badly, but hey, if it means getting me work rock on.

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  1. What this reveals is that your competition is out of your league.