Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bank Hold up

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I tried to make a quick stop at the bank on Friday. My bank is not far and usually I can make it there do my transaction and make it home within a half hour. Now try it with a toddler...........

Pull into the parking space, I get out and start to get Cait out of her car seat, when she decides it is time for her to lean how to do this action on her own. Ok, I am all about learning but car seat undoing? no, not willing to teach that. So I persevere and win, she is out by my doing. Of course she doesn't want to be held she wants to walk. Fine walk but you have to hold my hand. That wasn't going to happen until she saw the other cars moving towards us then she grabbed my hand and my leg.

As we get to the door, I see there is no line- good this will be quick. Once inside, my hand is empty and Cait has run to the TOY. Ok, I can see her at the toy from the line, ok I can see her from the teller, if I step back a bit from the teller and yell my account number and password to the teller from that far away. (I have since changed the password) The teller senses my angst at the baby being away and is very quick. I go to Cait and say let's go bye bye now. With a pointed finger I get NO! She wants to play. As you can see in the picture this toy is as big as her, in order to reach some of the top parts, she has to climb on the side of the other parts.

After 15 minutes of playing I started walking to the door. BYe Caity, Grandma is leaving. She turned and looked at me like she was trying to decide if I really would leave. Turned back to her toy for a quick toss of beads and then ran to me and then turned back to the toy and said "bye".

She really is too much.


  1. Yes, mom and I did banking with a two-year old Jackson. Good times. That is the first time I had been inside a back in about 10 years, and I haven't been back inside one since.

  2. When I saw the title of your post, I was afraid you had been held up at the bank (as in "this is a stick up!"). Glad that wasn't the case.

  3. There are many toys in the Kid Zone at the Y. I was concerned that the every day use of kids putting them in their mouths they would be full of germs. Then one day I found a dishwasher full of these plastic toys and found out they are washed every day. We do not have a toy like yours, how do they get it in a dishwasher?