Tuesday, June 5, 2007


This is a Meme from anew blog I have started reading, whinestone .

Three things I think are cool that otherws think are gross:

1 and 2. Other than my immediate family, I get looks of disdain from others when I put french fries on my hamburger. It is best at Wendy's, where another fact of dipping your french fries in the frosty is something that others frown upon.

3. Rosie O'Donnell. Sorry I love her. I think so is loud and brash and has no qualms about letting you know her truth. And isn't that how we should all be? ALl about OUR own personal truth?

Three things I think are gross that others consider normal:

1. Milk and soda, An ex-boyfriends mother drinks it and it just makes me want to heave.

2. (sorry whinestone) Surgeries on tv. Eeeew. Eeeew. Eeeeeeeeeeew.

3. The smell of lamb cooking. Fish I can handle, but lamb just really gets my deepest ick factor senses going.

Now, anyone reading this consider yourself tagged.

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