Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cruisers 11 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Wednesday 4:45pm Well, our luck with weather is officially over. At around 11am everyone crowded into the Bar at the Edge of the Earth to watch us dock at Copenhagen, and the rain was pouring down. We went and had some lunch and then Adrienne and I decided to walk into town to look around before our tour tonight. Big mistake. It was just drizzling when we went out and started walking, I used my umbrella, but Adrienne decided it wasn’t worth it. By the time we hit the town it was pouring and she finally opened hers up. We were both drenched. We looked around a little bit and it is a beautiful city. I would have been nice to see in the sunshine, but as it was we were pretty anxious to get back to the ship. So we found the Celebrity shuttle and got on.

When we got back in the room and peeled off our wet cloths we had the Celebrity TV station on and they were running a ticker saying that due to the wind, etc. we may not set out for Helisingborg in the morning. We are supposed to leave here at 6am and arrive there at 9am, but we are also suppose to tender into the port from our docking position, and it the winds are too high to do that we will just stay here in Copenhagen until 4pm tomorrow and then set sail for Dover. We just finished up a spelling bee which mom came close to winning, but she missed it by one. We did have to challenge the answers when the cruise person spelling “psychological” “pys.” I can’t even type her spelling in here since my computer automatically corrects such silly errors. Anyway, we plan to relax a little bit (we need to run the hair dryer on mom’s jacket that Adrienne drenched on our walk), have some dinner, and then decide whether or not to try the shuttle to Tivoli Gardens tonight. It might be OK for Adrienne and I but managing the wheelchair in the rain might be a bit difficult.

10:20pm – Did I mention intrepid? A little rain (or even a lot) doesn’t stop us. While at dinner we made the decision to go in to Trivoli Gardens no matter what and we decided that mom was coming with us. Just as we were leaving the dining room the sun came out and we thought we were golden; we were wrong. After we boarded the shuttle it started to rain. The shuttle let us out along the street outside of Tivoli and told us going right or left would get us in. We walked left and after quite a long way we got to an entrance. Adrienne studied the map and said that the Hard Rock was at the opposite corner so we took off in one direction determined to make a loop of it. The place was beautiful. Since it was gloomy because of the rain the lights were already on and looked amazing. We stopped to watch some dancers but the rain was getting worse and the Hard Rock was within site. We made it over to what we thought was the entrance but it only had a sign saying we had to exit the park and enter from the street. So we got our hands stamped and out we went into the streets of Copenhagen. With little to no trouble we found the right entrance. We thought about getting just a milk shake or something to rest a little, but there was a half hour wait so we went on our way, back into the park and around our circle. We completed our circle, which included some fun gravel paths (did you ever try to push a wheelchair over gravel) and called it a night. Our shuttle bus was waiting for us and we were back on the ship in no time at all, glad that we took the trouble to go.

There still has been no decision made about where we whether we will go to Helsingborg in the morning. The ticker on the TV now says that the decision will not be made until 6am, so we will wake up surprised.

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