Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cruisers 12 - Copenhagen, Still

Thursday, 12:30pm We woke up just a little after 6 and saw that our boat was still docked and went back to sleep. If the ship had been moving we would have begun thinking about getting up since we had a tour scheduled in Helsingborg. There would be no tour for us.

So, here we are in Copenhagen again and Adrienne was regretting running out to the souvenir shop after Tivoli in the pouring rain, but she got what she was looking for so it was not so bad. She had also seen some t-shirts that she thought mom and I might like so we headed back out before lunch and picked one up (mom didn’t want one). It was nice just to get out into the fresh air; the rain had stopped but the wind was still pretty strong. We will play some trivia and sit in a hot tub before getting dressed up for our last formal night at dinner. I will try to log in and post this sometime this afternoon; it is only 6:30am at home and I like to log in when Lyle is up and might be on-line. It is much cheaper to chat on-line than to call.

BTW, my phone did ring while I was napping the other day. I didn’t recognize number so if you tried to call me send an email instead.

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  1. Keep it up, I am still enjoying it all. The highs, the lows, the rain, the sun, just great.