Friday, June 29, 2007

Cruisers 13 - at sea

Sorry about that whole blank post thing.

Friday, 8:50am – At Sea

We have had very rough seas since we left Copenhagen yesterday around 4pm. If you walk along one side of the ship there is water on the windows, but on the other side it is dry. It is not rain, it is water from the sea being blown up by the wind. Not many people are venturing outside, but boy can you tell when they do, the wind whips through the room sending up a groan from everyone around.

Last night the waiters paraded around with the flaming baked Alaska and then they did the grand buffet in the late evening. Adrienne took some pictures but none of us were interested in eating again that late. So we (OK I) sang some karaoke and called it a night.

We have a full day of games, shows, and packing. This has been a great trip and I am sorry to see it come to an end, but I can’t wait to hug the boys I left at home. We will be docking tomorrow morning around 6am and we should be one of the first groups off the boat since our flight is at around 1pm. Although we have been watching the weather and she thinks we will be delayed quite a bit. Some of the crew have told us that Dover is a very tricky port and if the seas are rough we won’t even dock. So, the plan is to be back in Detroit at around 5pm but I think that may be optimistic.

In any case I will likely be reachable on Sunday and back in the office on Monday. I plan to do a cleaned up version of all of these posts with links and pictures etc. and post it back on my blog (and maybe here too).

11:23am – Well I just came down to the cabin to pack and I turned on CNN only to hear that there was a car bomb found in central London. We are not sure what that will mean for us at Gatwick tomorrow, but hopefully it will just mean increased security and not major delays.

It is a little bit easier to pack up to come home since I don’t need to do anything neatly and I don’t have to make sure I have a change of clothes in my carry-on. I have clothes at home and a washing machine at moms. So I am shoving as much as I possibly can in my suitcase (I have already unzipped the expander) so my carry on will be fairly lightweight.


  1. I think if we don't hear more in a few weeks there should be some sort of search and rescue started.


  2. Nevermind. We are home. But it is good to know you would look for us eventually.