Monday, June 18, 2007

Cruisers 3 - Oslo, Norway

0109Monday, 1pm We just finished our second tour of Oslo. We got up pretty early (around 7am) and we watched the ship dock in the Port of Oslo on the ship cam in our room.* We could have gone up on deck to watch but we would have been in our pajamas and we would have been cold. Since our official tour was not until nearly 11am, after breakfast we decided to head out on our own. We mostly needed to find out where the Hard Rock Café was located so that we could buy some requested souvenirs. We ended up buying some other souvenirs and finding the Hard Rock (right next to Fridays), but it was closed until 11am. It was not too bad pushing mommy through the city, Adrienne and I have both perfected the wheelie so we can get over bumps and gutters and cobblestones.

0112Just a quick stop back on the boat and then we left for our official bus tour of the city. It is a beautiful city with lots of parks and fountains and sculptures. One sculpture garden was really beautiful, there were hundreds of sculptures of ordinary family scenes. I would look up the sculptor for you and put in a link, but I am paying by the minute for this service and you are not. While I have been typing Adrienne just returned from her run back to the Hard Rock. We are heading up to lunch and the ship will be leaving in about a half hour.

More pictures at Flickr.

*Those of you who are not paying for internet by the minute should look up the following: celebrity cruise – constellation – ship cam. Adrienne says that you can follow along with us through a live feed on-line. If you log on right this second you will see Norway sliding away, if you log on any later you will likely see lots of water.


  1. I called Celebrity and they don't have a website that you can view the Cruise Cam at. If anyone else wants to try calling and getting a different answer the number I called was 1.800.722.5941


    Is this the sculptor?