Sunday, October 21, 2007


If you ask my immediate family what is the one thing (of many) that I am most anal about, I am almost certain they would answer "turn signals" (and being extremely early to movies and airports, but that is another post).

When that little stick to the left of your steering wheel lost its original name it also lost its main use. Indicator was the original name (to the best of my knowledge) and its intent was to "indicate" to others what you would like to do. Not what you are doing right this moment, but what you intend to do a few hundred yards down the road.

While driving with my mom earlier this year, she explained that she was brought up to use it when indicating a turn, hence when she changed lanes she didn't tend to use it. I then pointed out that she didn't use it when she turned either, but alas.

Taj is a "I am getting over right this minute so I will put on my signal............NOW!" It drives me absolutely batty and could be one of the many reasons I drive whenever we go somewhere together.

I distinctly remember an episode of C.H.I.P.s where someone got pulled over for an "unsafe lane change". Now, you can't even get a police officer in a marked car to use their indicator correctly. But on the flip side I laugh hysterically whenever a car being pursued by the police uses theirs. (Yes, I watch them whenever they are on, it's an addiction, I am not proud)

On a heavier note, we are surrounded by fire tonight. To the North, to the West, and to the South. At last count (7:30 pm Sunday evening) there were 9 fires burning in the Southern California area. I just watched as 5 homes on one street just were completely engulfed.


  1. Lane change indicators certainly have a place on the freeway. However one of my closest calls in a head on collision (you were with me) is when I was waiting to make a left turn, an oncoming car turned on his left turn indicator so I proceeded into my left turn and he came straight at me. You later told me that he was just indicating that he was changing lanes, but it looked an awful lot like he was planing to turn left to me.

  2. Your're right! Your peeve is exactly like mine. I ALWAYS put my signal on as soon as the car beside me clears, because I DO want everyone behind me (in all lanes) to know exactly what my intentions are. I do get nervous riding with someone who signals as they're doing it. It makes absolutely no sense to me. All of those behind you know what you are doing, but they need to know in advance what you are GOING to do.
    As time permits when you're in Detroit with your mom, please keep us informed as to her condition.