Thursday, October 25, 2007

Last MInute Things

The only things left to pack are my camera and my navigation system. Then it is time to check in for my flight. But since my flight leaves at 12:50 AM I will not be checking in at the exact 24 hour mark as usual. That is past my bed time so I will do it when E calls to say they are on their way to the hospital. But since most of you are on the East coast anyways, this all will be done before you even read this.

Friday is my day with Caitlyn and we go to Gymnastics in the morning and are having lunch with Marisa in the afternoon. Erika will call if she does not have a connection at the hospital and we will find a way to blog to let everyone know mom is well.

I am really looking forward to some clean (albeit COLD) air. This smoke is driving my allergies crazy. I am not complaining because this smoke is not in my home, it has not ruined my furniture or clothing, my home has not been damaged or destroyed and for that I am extremely thankful. But I am just a little perturbed about not being able to breath.

On the subject of fires, Kathy and I were talking about what to grab. I immediatley thought of Bea's artwork (specifically the barn above the fireplace), pictures of Karl and Matt and my purse and breifcase. The first thing out of her mouth........her pillow and blanket. Priorities.

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  1. This from the woman who berates me for wanting to keep so much stuff. We have pictures on the computer now and Bea's painting is really big--of course I want to save it, but I'm thinking I'd rather have my blanket at a shelter than a very large painting. I think Bea's with me on this one.