Monday, February 11, 2008


Last Friday, the siblings in my family all entered the same decade. As I trail in at one end, Kathy will exit from the other end next year.

As a kid, at every birthday, someone invariably asks "do you feel any different?" I can honestly say that yes 40 feels different than 39. Within the last month or so, I have discovered arthiritis in both knees and my left hip. I have also got a burning pain in my shoulder for about about two weeks now, that I will be seeing the doctor about next week. I am OLD!

For the birthday itself, it was great. A fun family dinner, with old friends joining in. Then back to the house to play Wii! Yep, That was my birthday present to me. I love it.

p.s. The shoulder pain came before the Wii.


  1. I am glad you clearified that the shoulder pain came before the Wii. As I was reading this I did think you had Wii-itis.
    Happy birthday. Hope you have many more.

  2. How nice to remember the 40th. I cannot remember the 40th, 50th or 60th. I do remember the 70th because that is when I retired. I went to the SS office and registered for the money I had contributed to. They were nice and said I would have some of my money coming back every month from then on. It was a relief that I would be collecting it. Unfortunately, those of you that are now 40 may not get it.