Sunday, April 27, 2008

Other People Rock!

Well, at least the other people we had dinner with tonight.

lynn and robWhat a difference a day (and a shower and some clean clothes and a good night’s sleep) can make. We had a fabulous day and no one tried to make it any different. We went in the hot tub, we blogged, we had lunch, and then I laid down for a nap (Adrienne was determined not to nap). Then we both woke up just in time to get ready for dinner. Boy did that feel good.

jensensWe joined our new table full of other people and it was great. The first couple was from Vancouver and we were trading laughs very quickly. We love a good sense of humor in our other people. Coming in a little late was our second couple with their two very well-behaved children (one girl 10 and one boy 7). They are from The Netherlands and the adults spoke English but the kids, not so much. Lucky the kids did not have much to say to us anyway. They did come up and introduce themselves to each of us in turn and it was adorable. I will never remember their beautiful Dutch names, let alone be able to spell them so from here on out they will be kids.

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