Monday, April 28, 2008

Mykonos -- Morning

Harbor from the WindmillsWell our day got changed around a little bit today. We were supposed to be docking at Mykonos right about now, but due to a medical emergency they decided to speed up a little bit and we docked at around 10am. Luckily we had gotten up at around 7:30, I got a workout in, and we had breakfast, so Adrienne and I got off the boat at around 10:30 and wandered the island. And wander is the right word. Our little maps were useless and we just literally wandered through the streets. At one point I think we went through someone’s house, but I am sure it was OK.

This is the only port where we will be here over dinner and there seem to be many, many good restaurants in town. So we came back to the boat for lunch (and our afternoon soak in the hot tub) and we will head back out for dinner and to see the town at night. Judging by the “shot” menu at a local bar I think we will skip the club scene.

More pictures here.


  1. Wandered through someones house? And then say, "But I am sure it was OK." You owe me more here. Why did you think it was OK?

  2. I guess I mispoke, I meant "yard" and not house. We stayed on the street/sidewalk and ended up looking at people's laundry. Many others we spoke to ended up in the same spot. This shot better shows how the streets worked