Monday, April 28, 2008

Mykonos -- Evening

Subdried OctopusSince I last wrote, we had our lunch, jumped in the hot tub, and then tried to update to this site only to find out that the WiFi does not work while in port. Damn! We are here until 11pm and we have a very early tour in the morning so that is why these posts have been delayed.

After our naps we went back into the town and the shuttle bus ride had Adrienne cringing in her seat. They are very narrow windy roads and the cars, vespas, and buses go very, very fast. At one curve of this crazy road on the way to dinner there was a car parked. Yes, parked. We didn’t think we would ever get by. We went to one of the many sidewalk cafes for dinner. We did not eat this, I promise you, but sundried octopus seemed to be on every menu. We did have some yummy chicken (yes, we are chickens) with fries and bread while we watched the sunset and people-watched.

We are back on the boat and the sun has set, it may just be time to hang out on the balcony until bed.

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