Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Thoughts

Other People Suck
002That’s right, they suck. We went down for our, now habitual, evening soak in the hot tub and there were other people in them. Both of them. (The outside ones were too cold). We were forced to go to bed without having been dipped into warm water and we slept great anyway. But other people still suck.

I haven’t said much about the food yet. Our first night here we were pretty upset and our perception of the food was tainted. Sunday night it was great. Monday we ate our dinner out in Mykonos but I did have an incredible pasta with gorgonzola sauce here on the boat for lunch. Yum! We had lunch today as part of our cultural tour of Turkey and it was OK (you can see a picture of it here). We have high hopes for the rest of the cruise.

WeatherThe weather has been amazing. Just like with the Scandinavian trip last year we have really lucked out with weather. Yesterday in Mykonos it was a little cool in the morning, but just the right temperature for walking a few miles. Whenever we felt overheated by the sun we would just pause and let the breeze cool us off. Today the weather was stunning. Our tour guide told us that it rained here (Turkey) all day yesterday, but today the high was 71 and the sun was shining. We hope this keeps up.

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  1. A smile crosses my face whenever the food subject comes up. Both of you have pizza as your meat and potatoes, and, in addition, are pickey on what is on the pizza.