Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quantity -vs- Quality

In the fifties it was der riguer for the wife to stay home and take care of the home and kids, spending, if you will, quantity time with her children. In the eighties the need for single parents to work, and for middle class wanting to stay above the poverty line, to have both parents work, the rally became to spend quality time with the children. It no longer was about the amount of time but what you did with that time.

Now that phrase has new meaning in the aught eight election. This Democratic Primary is definitively going to the convention, I have no doubt. It will be decided by the Super Delegates (something I am sorta unclear about and wary of), and the question they will have to base their decision on is: Quantity -vs- Quality. Obama has "won" more states (quantity), Clinton has "won" bigger states (quality). Is winning California worth the same weight as winning Vermont? Is a popular vote logical to use in a Primary when it is not used in a General?

Obviously my opinion on it doesn't count. I voted for Edwards!

What's your opinion?

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