Monday, April 21, 2008

Since you Brought it Up

Uncle Marcel brought up the subject of Bush's masturbation stimulation Stimulus package. All it is, is a stroking of his...........well his ego at the very least. Again another way to throw way more money out the window because we are not yet in to debt enough before he leaves. Really, tell me, for you personally, what will $300, $600, or if you have a busload of kids $1200, do to make your financial situation better? If you risk investing it, good luck to you, unless of course you invest in oil, I hear they are making a shitload of money right now heh. Will you put it in the bank? Splurge on something you have been wanting but couldn't afford? ANd really if you do this, you bought it but you still can't really afford it. Will you pay off debts you have accrued during this recession we're not in (hello, who's out of touch now?)?


  1. I think the govenrment was hoping that if you knew you were getting the money you would spend it early (on credit) and then spend it again when you got it (not paying off the credit you extended). This is why they were willing to spend $6 million dollars in postage to send the mail out that this was a possibility.

  2. Fill up my gas tanks. Pay something towards my car. Get my tooth fixed. buy shaun glasses. go bowling with my kids. what's left goes into my account to cover the overdraft fees I will get from buying all this stuff.

  3. Random, please tell me how to do that much stuff with sooo little money! Gas and glasses will just about do it here in Florida..... We are pushing the 4.00 mark. I am not sure where exactly the rest of the country is but this is a first for me...