Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have made some changes around here. I figured out how to customize my header, I rearranged a bunch of stuff and I added a family blog roll. Those who read this the most will recognize yourselves down on the left over there. Some will see that your updates are there and some may be shamed into actually updating. Hint hint G! If I missed anyone leave me a comment and I will update asap.

I have received some paid sponsors through BlogHer and through CafePress so be sure to be nice to them and visit often. I still recieve the Adsense through Google Ads, so don't forget about them.

I have added widgets (those blue rectangles to the left) that highlight the other blogs that I contribute to. The first is my new review blog, where I will be reviewing products and services. Some of which are provided and some just because. The second is the Amazon Readers that is run by all the Amazon Van Houten Women, check it out for Book reviews. If you would like to contribute to either just leave me a comment or email and we'll talk.

Comments are always welcomed and appreciated. I try to reply when asked a question so check back often.


  1. love the new layout very hi tech lol

  2. Look at you and all your web design skills. Put that on your resume.

    Even though I hate clicking ads, I clicked away on your site and damn, those caulk singles look like the smartest thing I have seen in a long time. Speaking as someone who has bought 3 caulk guns in her life, since that is the exact number of times I have needed to caulk.

  3. AOL's popup control does not allow me to open those. I know I can sign off the popup control to see the ad and then sign back on again. However, I am not persuaded that I would gain anything by seeing them. I never buy anything on the computer, heck, Pat says I never buy anything anyway.