Saturday, June 28, 2008

Loading Zone Only

Am I wierd?

I enjoy loading the dishwasher, but loath unloading it. It will sit full of clean dishes for days as I wait for someone else in the house to unload it. Dirty dishes will pile up on the counter in the sink, on the stove, all in the hopes that someone other than me will unload the dishwasher.

I don't understand my reasoning for this. Does it go with the whole unloading the dryer and leaving the clothes to sit in a basket for days on end? Or even leaving them in the dryer to start with? Am I an "In with the old" but not an "Out with the New" kinda person?

Does this have a deeper root? I can't see it as just being lazy as once the dishwasher is unloaded (by someone else) I will immediately fill it abck up and clean the kitchen.



  1. I have the same issue with dishes, I will wash them but I hate putting them away. That is Megan's job. In Westland I wash them and then use them out of the drainer. There have been a few nights where dirty dishes stayed in the sink, but not many. Mine does not go to laundry though, I fold them as soon as they are dry and put them away. Maybe it's since most of my adult life I have done laundry at the laundrymat. Still do in West Branch. And clothes can never stay in Mommy's dryer over night, never!

  2. Thought! Most humans are goal oriented and take steps to reach the goal. In your case, the goal is to get the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. This is an attenuated goal because the true goal is to have clean dishes all put away.

    We give children small tasks that they can handle and attenuate the true goal. We do not ask for the room to get cleaned because that is too much. Instead we ask that the toys be put into the toy chest.

    Mama used to break up tasks for my sisters so that they all would participate in getting the required work done. None had the whole task of doing all the required work after a meal. She broke it up into small tasks and each got one of the tasks to accomplish. (Not always done to Mamma's standards and then she would complete it to her standard.)

    So children learn that tasks are small. Adults know the whole task and will work to accomplish it. In your case, (not necessarily your fault) you retain the child mentality of breaking up the task all the while recognizing, as an adult, that the job is not finished until everything is put away.

  3. I have the same issue... both with laundry AND dishes!!! I have often wondered why this is. My husband is learning that he needs to unload them for me if he wants me to do the dishes!

  4. Pay our youngest son who is 11 to unload the dishwasher.

  5. This need to be discussed more! I've discovered it's a gender difference, and was just writing about it. Mind if I link to your entry?