Friday, July 25, 2008

Saga IV

Friday evening

After the COmmunity Keynote, we were headed to the Ruby Skye dance club. Another Hot, Crowded and Loud cocktail party. I walked over by myself and couldn’t see anyone I knew enough to approach. I did have a Bossy sighting but did not get the nerve to say hi. I twittered my desolate feelings and kept sinking lower and lower into a depression. I saw an empty seat and approached, The Little Engine echoing in my brain. “Is this seat taken?” I ask. “Yes. We are saving seats for our friends.” WTF?! Bang there goes that last tiny bit of self confidence I might have had! I try hard not to cry and slink away.

Upstairs looks pretty empty maybe I will go up there. I see an empty seat and again try my “pick up line”. This time I am allowed to sit but the person next to me is even quieter than I and the other side is engrossed in their own conversation. I finally just give up and leave. I head across the street to the mini market and pick up some potato chips and a cookie and head up to my room to play pogo. I know I should have stuck it out, but honestly it just didn’t seem to be worth the effort. Did I mention how frikkin’ HOT LOUD AND CROWDED it was?! So an evening in my room with my pogo was not too too shabby, but it wasn’t fulfilling my purpose of being here.

I needed a good night’s sleep, did I mention the Heavenly beds?


  1. Grr! That just annoys me so much! Saving seats? Seriously? When you have the opportunity to meet a 1000 new, awesome women? On the upside, you probably didn't want to hang with them anyway.

  2. Ack - Bossy wishes you would have come up so we could have danced to the bizarre techno music.

    Next time: Bossy always saves a seat for new friends.