Monday, July 28, 2008

Saga VII

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A lot of people left today but I was staying for the “Unconference”. Essentially it is a DIY day of smaller sessions. There is a blank Agenda Wall along with the principles of Open Space and the Law of Two feet. Anyone who wants to present CAN - no sessions will be culled. Basically if you want to present, or lead a discussion you write your topic down on a 8.5x11 paper, tell us about it and put what you have to offer on the agenda wall. When this is done we have our day...talking about what we want to talk about in the time/space slots. I think I got more out of these sessions than all of the regular conference sessions because they were more intimate. I was able to better follow along and even implement some of the suggestions and ideas right then and there. It was also during these sessions that I found out I would have car mates for the ride home.

Afterwards Califmom and I were treated to a lovely dinner at Sear’s Fine Diner by Shannonrenee. And while the food was very good the company was even better.

Sunday evening was spent alone in my room decompressing and packing. During lunch Sunday as I was walking through the lobby, I overheard someone mention Suebob’s luggage. I turned and sure enough Suebob had left one of her bags sitting in the lobby and she was now headed down the 101 on her way home to Ventura. I called her up immediately and offered to drop it off on the way home.


  1. Oh, my dorkness is made publis! This is the problem with hanging out with bloggers! LOL.

    A million thanks again, Adrienne!

  2. I loved our dinner a la ShannonRenee. And, you were quite right that the company was even better than the food.