Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Gaurantee you.....

If someone brought Bill O'Reilly a hacked in email from the Obama Camp (or the Clinton Camp, or hell Jamie Lynn Spears Camp) he would use it in a heartbeat. But when he shoe is on the other foot? The First Amendment gets tossed out the window.

Sorry, but I can find nothing journalistic about him, to be he is nothing but an asshat.

video hacked from Backpacking Dad. Come and get me, Shawn I double dog dare ya!


  1. When Bill O'Reilly first came out I wanted to hear more of him. I listened when I could and was usually rewarded.

    Lately, he has changed so much that I do not care whether I see his show or not. I admit that he has become a bore with his hectoring, shouting, yelling at his guests, and his downright show of superiority. His attempt to be fair and ballanced is laughable. If he disappeared from the scene I would not miss him.

  2. See that is what I am talking about. From this side of the fence it looks like all conservatives are FoxNews devotees and love people like Bill O'Reilly. It is comforting to hear that is not true.

    You should know from here that most liberals don't give a damn about Sarah Palin's daughter, or her motherhood status, or any myriad of other things focused on by the media that don't mean anything when you get down to whether we want her a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    The concentration on this stuff does not have to do with the media having a liberal bias it has to do with them needing ratings.

  3. WOW... Okay, so he was arguing for the side that was already winning, and getting frustrated with the woman about it? Sounds like he doesn't really understand what's going on here.

    And by the way, does this mean that the governor of Alaska has to resort to getting a Yahoo account? Surely she has an e-mail address through the government that would be more secure... I realize that a government address would be inundated with e-mails daily, but still...

  4. You Go Girl !
    btw, I pointed to your post today on my blog and I laude you for your stance against lies and bs.


  5. LOL, I just re-read your post and wanted to commend you on your use of "asshat" to describe BO. Haha, I made a funny too!