Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Purpose

It isn't really an "accident" if one party purposely makes an illegal move.

Yes, I was in an accident yesterday. The idiot woman made an illegal left turn in front of me and I smashed into her right front fender. It could have been much worse, I came very close to smashing into her passenger. Did I mention she was an idiot?

See the white car in the middle of your picture? Now picture a full line of cars behind that one in the "LEFT TURN LANE" Notice the lanes next to that white car indicate a "THRU LANE" and a "RIGHT TURN LANE". Now picture me driving from the bottom of your picture at about 25 mph seeing the cars in the LEFT TURN LANE waiting for me nice and patiently, then picture me seeing a bat out of hell come tearing up the THRU LANE and make a LEFT turn from the THRU LANE in front of the cars in the LEFT TURN LANE! Now can you hear my brakes screeching and locking up and skidding as I swerve as far away from her passenger who's face I can see clearly?! Yeah, it was that bad. 24 hours later and I can still see it clearly, I can hear the crunch of the cars. No one in her car was hurt, thank goodness, I have some stiffness in my right shoulder and neckline, but I think my car is totalled.


  1. This is just terrible. It is why we are all asked to signal when going from one lane to another. That woman made a last minute decision to change lanes and I will bet did not use her signal to show she was about to do so. Because of this you total your car. Even though insurance will cover you will still be out your deductible and have all the inconvience of dealing with this. Be very carefull, the stupid live amoung us. I hope you get through this with the minimum disruption to your serenity.

  2. OMG, this picture is incredible. Did your airbag go off?

  3. I thought you were looking for a new car for me. It always has to be about you. :)

    Glad you're all right, and even gladder you were alone. Not after but at least during.

    When I just had that happen, not nearly as bad though, the first thing I did was call Mommy. I guess I can never have another accident.