Saturday, November 15, 2008


Marisa (in case you didn't know) is expecting twins in February. Her belly has grown larger, quicker. Which I guess is to be expected. One day she looked the same and the next BAM there's a belly there. And she seems to be carrying pretty low.

With the sudden growth her shirts weren't quite covering all they should and her maternity pants were few with new ones being quite expensive. So I was looking into how I could help her out. I checked ebay for maternity pants, but sizing is iffy when you are pregnant and I am not willing to spend on something I can't return. then I noticed one of my Twitter friends @Supermomz had a website selling maternity stuff. One item in particular was the Bella Band. I mentioned this to Marisa and she says "Yeah, some place in North Hollywood sells them, but when I went there they said they were internet only". Me: "Uh, would that be Supermomz?" Marisa: "Yeah". So I explained the situation to her and immediately placed an order. I emailed Julie asking for special delivery sevice (as in Marisa would drive over there and pick them up) and was gratiously obliged.

The description above says it completely it is perfect for the not quite ready for maternity clothes, to the nothing will cover this damn belly, to the not quite ready for regular clothes again.

Marisa also finds it helps her feel more supported with her belly being fairly low riding and heavy with both babies (who are both at term weight and doing well). She did have a bit of a problem because she was wearing it upside down for the first couple of days. But once she figured it out all was well.

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