Sunday, November 16, 2008

Twittering the Fires

The past 36 hours have been spent in s smoky haze, literally:

@Dreamented lost his house to the Sylmar fire

@Sweatpantsmom finally got her elderly Father in Law to agree to evacuate his home at 2am Friday night as Palm Trees were lit like candle sticks on his street.

@Queenofspain is packed and ready to go just in case.

@Socalmom has evacuated for the second time in a month.

@GoDOTchris and @Onetake evacuated as soon as their exit ramp was closed, they weren't taking any chances.

Many many others have been adversly affected by these horrible fires. It has been nice to have an online community to commiserate with during this catastrophe.

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  1. I lived in the San Fernando Valley and hated when the Santa Ana winds blew all the smog there and it felt like it sat for days at a time. Can't wait for fire season to be over.