Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baking Gals, Holiday Edition

Since I was travelling around with my sisters I chose not to host this round. But I was still planning on baking and shipping.

The lovely Beth who has shipped on my teams before stepped up and hosted for a 22 year old soldier from Nebraska.

I totally was planning what I would make, even went so far as to find things from different holidays for everyone (I am very PC about holidays). But in the end I was tired and late and ended up raiding the Bake Sale at our local high school today. I shipped off a bunch of cookies and individual breads and brownies and each in their own little holiday bag. It looks very festive and will make a wonderful care package.

I have two regrets, one is that I didn't take a picture before I shipped and the other is I think I left the price tags on each little bag. Oh well, the best of intentions.

1 comment:

  1. Horror, the price tag is on them. To my way of thinking a price tag should always be on the item given. The price would be ascertained by the giver and not by the store from where it was purchased. Certainly an item made with ones hands is far more valuable than one purchased, especially when they are baked goods.