Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You can teach an old blog new tricks

First and foremost thank's to Karla at Fruition Design's for the beautiful new layout. She did a fabulous job and put up with my hemming and hawing and my complete and utter ignorance of all things html.

I love the new look, how about you?

Seriously, I need feedback. I know I need to update the blogroll and update the widgets, but really what do you think?


  1. I LOVE the header - very homey and scrap-book-y. I also love the color. Beautiful.

  2. It takes a little longer to load, but looks way more professional. Great job Karla, knowing Adrienne you have the patience of a saint.

  3. I feel at home. I think I'll kick off my shoes take off my coat and stay awhile...Where's the bathroom?

  4. Why does it take so long to load?

    What is that three foot list on the right side?

  5. I love the layout, but the inline ads after every post are a bit much. Anyway you can tweak that a bit?