Thursday, March 26, 2009

Party On, Excellent

The cycle has begun again. I am taking Caitlyn to a birthday party for a friends kids. The friend is mine and is my age (a little younger, but still). Her kids are Caitlyn’s age. I feel a little odd as the Grandmother at a party of my peers but it is what it is.

When my kids were little, birthday parties were always hard to plan and do. It got easier as time went on and they got older and able to have more of a voice in the matter. Marisa was friends and sleepovers, Adam was Mountasia and baseball.

Did I give my kids their dream parties? Probably not. Did I do the best I could with what I had, I think so. If you could have a dream party what would it be? Kathy is having a significant birthday this year and everyone who is anyone is going to be here. Are you anyone? Are you coming? You’re certainly invited, I’m sure!

Now, I’m thinking what would my dream party be like? Would I have a “theme”? Who would I invite? Would I have it somewhere or just do it at home? There are so many things to think about with a party I am almost glad I don’t have to do it anymore.

I was surfing around and found a cool website that would have been a great help, they have ideas for all types of parties and in the spirit of Spring they have cool easter ideas

Tell me, what would your dream party be like?

I know for certain that my dream party would have to include all of my family, after that nothing else matters.

Although having on a cruise ship would be really sweet!

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  1. Until Jackson is old enough to care, all of the parties planned will be adult with a few kids.

    My dream party would be on a cruise with my whole family. Get to work on that.

  2. I belive I went to a dream party with Paulette and all of you kids. It was held at Chuckie Cheese and everybody had a great time. The noise level was irritating from the screaming kids. I don't remember any of you screaming. All well behaved.