Friday, April 17, 2009

Sid the Science Kid

I had no idea who this was, but when I received an email asking me to review the Earth Day episode, I figured what the heck, Caity will watch and tell me how it is.

She watched it 4 times in a ROW! She knew who he was, apparantly she has watched him on PBS before (grandma tends to watch more Noggin than PBS).

The Earth Day episode is "The Dirt on Dirt" and it shows Sid trying to figure out how dirt gets so dirty. He and his friends figure out the importance of dirt and how it helps flowers and such grow and that it is filled with so many things and even has Bugs and Worms (eeeew!).

Sid is a production of the Jim Henson Company and is shown on your local PBS station (here in LA it is KCET). The paperwork says SId is geared towards ages 3 - 6 and they hit it on the nose, Caitlyn is 3 1/2 and she truly loved it. However she said "I like Sid but I don't like Science. And not for nothun but these kids are cute as heck. I love the character's look like puppets but are animated.

Be sure to have your little ones watch this episode on April 22 on your local PBS channel.

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  1. "I like Sid but not science" how sneaky to squeeze that science in there.