Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Web Hosts

I know I didn’t give anyone much time to chime in after I asked so nicely for your help. I went ahead and made my own decision. I have dropped the BlogHer Ad network and will continue with the Pay Per Post’s.

In that vein, I am now considering moving my blog away from Blogger and into my own domain. I have been looking around at many different hosts and found the cream of the crop here on Web Hosting Geeks dot com. They have the low down on all of the cheapest and best web hosting sites, so that I don’t have to surf around I can just compare and contrast right on one site. Makes shopping a whole lot easier that way.

However, it comes back to money, Blogger is free, but there are things that I can’t do myself since I am not very html or css smart. Wordpress is an option, but again you need to be techier than me. My blog is moving in directions I might not be ready for, but am willing to give them a try.

You will notice up above I have done some remodeling on Adrienne’s House. I have added a kitchen, where I will be giving you recipes and cooking tips. It took a while to find the domain name since Adrienne’s Kitchen has already been snagged by someone else at Blogger. So again, this is where self hosting would come in handy. Web Hosting Geeks could help me find a hosting site that has the Domain Names I am looking for available.

Check em out and let me know what you think. I am always interested in your opinion. Even if I do make a decision before you are actually able to give me your opinion.



  1. Well of course I would prefer you stayed with Blogger! It's a family thing... But of course we will understand if your blog needs to move elsewhere.

  2. I actually like the PPP. It gets you writing and you always share more than the required linky love.