Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DSL who?


According to my stats I have a couple of regular readers in the St. Louis area. Boy oh boy are you in luck! My favorite Cable Company (and yours!) has rolled out some pretty awesome internet service in your town.

1. Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps service is the fastest Internet speed in the St. Louis market and one of the fastest in the U.S.
2. Currently available in St. Louis, Ultra60 will be rolled out to other areas along with other high-speed products throughout 2009.
3. Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps service is part of the company’s strategy to provide customers with the fastest Internet speed available at a time when it is critical to have a high-speed connection to multimedia sites.
4. This speed will enable customers to use the Internet in all new ways including gaming, movies, telecommuting with mega-files and much more at super high speeds.
At 60 Mbps, the Internet is a completely different experience – you can multitask in ways no one has ever been able to do previously.
5. Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps service is the first of the Phatband speeds that Charter will be rolling out. Charter’s PhatBand has turned DSL into the new dial-up Internet service.
6. PhatBand takes broadband to the next level and has created it’s the next level of super-fast tier service.
7. Hardcore Web gamers love PhatBand’s ability to download patches in record time, and virtually eliminates lag in their gaming.

This stuff looks amazing! I have been “online” for over 15 years. I remember emailing my brother in law trying to figure out how to make that awful noise not happen so as not to wake the kids when I would go online late at night. Remember that horrible dial up connection sound? Then a few years back (probably about 8) we switched from a dedicated line dial up to Cable. That connection was good but unfortunately the price wasn’t. When I found a good DSL with a reasonable price, you know where I went next!

But now, if Charter brings their Phatband to our area we will hop on the Cable (phat)bandwagon ASAP! I hope they offer it as part of a bundle with our cable!

You can check out their Ultra60 Information Page here.
Don’t forget if you are a Twitter Bird you should already be following Charter’s Twitter Feed

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