Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Make Believe

I am not good at pretending. Maybe I depend too much on logic and reasoning. Maybe I am just boring. Maybe I am actually living in an alternate universe.

Caitlyn loves to pretend, her and Kathy will be Widget and Wubzy or Oswald and Winnie Dog and act out complete scenes and episodes of her favorite cartoons. I last about half a minute.

Jackson asks Erika for a story, one hasn't heard before, one that is kinda like a Mad Lib where he throws words at her and she adapts and weaves a tale. Me? Not so much.

Makes no sense to me, because I have a very vivid and wild imagination. I am to this day afraid of the dark. I can not walk past an unadroned window at night without the thought that a face will appear. I can not allow any part of my body to be over the side of the bed, for fear that someone may be under the bed. (Which is completely ludacris because the bottom of my bed is so close to the floor that not even Caitlyn can squeeze under there to reach something for me.) I can practice entire conversations with someone before I have to tell them something, so I can anticipate a reaction. I can spin a lie for years and years and not once get caught up in it, heck I can even start believing it myself.

Why then can I not pretend?

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  1. You watch too many horror movies.

  2. Predictable conlusion, but I don't. I purposely don'even watch commercials for or trailers for scary movies. I can't even watch tv shows thaclude blood and such, if a commercial comes on and can't get to the remote soon enough I will close my ears and plug my ears til it passes.