Monday, May 11, 2009


So if you follow my tweetstream you will have already heard about this, for those that don't let me entertain you for a moment.

I stayed overnight down in Anaheim the other night because I was tired of fighting the traffic and needed a good nights sleep.

A co-worker and I found a hotel close to the convention center (also across the street from D'land) with 2 double beds and were prepared to split the costs. When we got there a mix up occured and there were no more rooms with 2 beds, so the nice man (boy actually couldn't have been more than 12) gave us two rooms with king beds for the same price as the one with 2. SCORE!

I was thouroughly exhausted and falling asleep (with tweetdeck chirping in the background) at about 9am when I hear banging noises as if someone is slamming something onto the hood of a car. My room was close to the parking lot so I thought perhaps someone is arriving with a lot of stuff and it will be over soon. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, still happening. I peek out the window and see nothing. hmmmmmm there is a playground perhaps there are BIG kids playing and they are being loud. Peeked out the bathroom window and nope the playground was empty. Now I am scared, what the heck is this damn banging when I want to SLEEP!?

I called the front desk

Me: there is a banging noise coming from out side in the parking lot area

Nice boy: Uh, ma'am that would be the fireworks at Disney, you should come outside and enjoy them.

Me: no thanks, I am trying to sleep.

Yes, I am 106 years old

*#getoffmylawn is a hashtag reference on Twitter for cantankerousness.
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  1. Oh how funny!I could totally see you reaching over and strangling the poor kid. And he was just trying to share some pretty sparkly fireworks with you. Maybe he's a Republican. LOL.