Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rustic Furniture

The question to you is, What do you think of when I say rustic furniture?

Me? I think of twigs and sticks and logs and such. I think of my multi-talented cousin Tim who can build anything out of wood. I think of outdoors and cabins and wilderness.

I would love to have a Log Cabin, with all natural (read rustic) furniture, in every room. Of course it would also have to have all the modern amenities as well, like wireless and cable.

Check out the beds and tables and even the lamps on Scenic they have everything to maintain a pure rustic look throughout your house. Just look at this file cabinet. Gorgeous! I could totally relax in a home office made from Cherry or Maple. Items like this could make your pre-fab uber-modern home feel like a log cabin.

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  1. There was a store nearby that was totally devoted to "Western Furniture" and it's offerings were similar to what you show. Pat and I happened to walk into it one day and were amazed at the simplicity and harmony of the furniture. I recommended it to others for a change in store ambiance. Sadly, it recently closed because they lost their leese.