Sunday, May 3, 2009

Walking the Dog

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Uncle Marcel brought up a point about there may be dogs in the neighborhood that may need walking, so I should bring them along for company. Cue sad whimpering from my own dog, who rarely gets walked. SHe has always been hard to walk because she is a big dog (shephard/lab mix) and she pulls and no one has ever disciplined her and blah blah blah. But now that her arthritis is as bad as mine, we actually manage ok. So tonight we went for a walk.

It was shorter than I intended since not only did I have a big dog on a leash, but I also had the 3 year old NOT on a leash. Cait did well though. Upon announcing we were going for a walk, Kathy immediately went into automated mode and said, she needs tennis shoes not her sandals and you need the stroller or else you will be carrying her. Uh no, I will not be carrying her, she will walk. And her sandals are just fine, as I am also wearing sandals. Buh bye.

Accoridng to the Bee Well Miles website (I love that you can map out your walk and it gives you the distance) our little trip around our block was .486 miles. Not very far and you'll be happy to know tha Caity didn't ask to be carried, not even once. I on the other hand was looking for a pit stop.

Our neighborhood is on the incline of a mountain. While for most people the up hill climbing is hard, I really am ok with it. More so than anything downhill. The next time we walk around the block we will go counter clockwise and do the majority of it up instead of down. Down just really is a pain in the knees and hips.

It is a beautiful evening in Cal tonight, I hope we have many more, I like walking in the evening. Let's hope this initiative lasts me a while.
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  1. Sandals are not recommended because the feet get too tired. What is needed is a cross trainer athletic shoe which will give your foot and ankles some support. Some can be had at Walmart for about $35.00. Be sure and get the right size. Stand on the foot measureing tool for an accurate reading, do not measure while sitting. Wear gym socks for proper cusioning.

  2. I'll bet your doggie enjoyed the walk more than you did. Our smaller dog Halo only weighs 25 lbs but can pretty much knock any of us down when she tugs on a leash. Doesn't keep us from taking her for walks, but it sure makes it difficult.