Friday, May 1, 2009

Bee Well and Walk

“Walking, walking, seems so easy now, but I remember when I was small and I did not know how. I would take two steps and then fall down and bump my bottom on the ground.”

Those are song lyrics that were on a kid’s cd when Adam was little, and I guess is one that Caitlyn listens to at Josh’s house, cuz I heard her singing it the other day. It is also, kinda how I felt about the big walk I took.

After the March of Dimes walk last week, I thought I was definitely going to be incapacitated forever. I couldn’t imaging ever being able to walk any distance again. But guess what? That walk didn’t kill me. Yeah, I was sore as hell for days afterwards, but had I taken a more disciplined approach to it, I would have been able to work my way up to 3 miles instead of doing it right off the bat.

I am making a commitment to you, my readers (and I know some of you will actually hold me to this), to get out and walk EVERYDAY. Not 3 miles, yet, but around the block, around the mall (maybe not the mall, I hate the mall), just around. I enjoy walking with someone, even if it is just pushing the baby’s stroller. But they are hardly around, so I will be on my own.

I have found the website BeeWell Miles .com where I can not only keep track of my progress in walking, but from 4/1/09-10/31/09, Bumble Bee Foods will donate $0.15/mile for every mile logged at (up to $200,000) to help Breast Cancer Network of Strength provide emotional support to those who can't wait for tomorrow's cure. So it is good not only for me, but I am doing good for others as well.

Who is gonna join with me? It is very easy, just got to, log in, and start entering how many miles you walk each day. You can also keep track of your nutrition intake and other exercises.

Perhaps this is the kick in the butt I need. Perhaps not, but there is only one way to find out.


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  1. OK, I registered. Now I need to find my pedometer.

  2. There is a widget on there that uses google maps so you can mark your route and it will tell you how far you walked.

    Of course that wont log in the wakling you do in your office building.

  3. You go girl, I've been trying to do the same each lunch time! yup sticking with it ... LOL Well trying at least. You must keep me on track :).

    When you get a chance come back by you get 2 more entries for signing up for their email. TYSM for stopping by my giveaway :)

  4. The search for others to participate is an indication that any walking, sadly, will be short lived. However, I have a suggestion, in every neighborhood there is a dog or two that needs walking but the owners are unable to accomodate. Contact a neighbor and offer to walk the dog every day. It will be good for you and good for the dog. Yes you can do that!!