Friday, June 19, 2009

Disney Dreams

The one and only time I have been to Disney World is back in 1977. My memories of that time are actually clearer than others from more recent years. It was the time of tickets, when you paid your entrance fee you were given a book of tickets for rides, different rides required a different letter ticket. The tickets were A through E, the E tickets were for the bigger, more exciting rides like Space Mountain and the like. I remember my brother and cousin with a fistful of E tickets running through the lines, conning people to let them go up to the front of the line telling them their parents were up ahead, over and over again, sometimes more than once passed the same people.

My siblings left Florida before my mom and me and so we went back to Disney World with other relatives and have recounted the story of my adventure on Space Mountain a few weeks ago. Think traumatized 9 year old scarred for life and now fearful of roller coasters.

The best part of the time my mom and I had without everyone else was that we got to go to Epcot Center. That was beyond my scope of imagination. I was amazed at the beauty and the many many different images I encountered throughout the day. Looking back now I can compare it to being in an Olympic village.

My dream when my kids were little was to have a family vacation with them and show the majesticness (is too a word!) of all that is Disneyworld. That never came to fruition and now I have the same dream for the grandkids.

Disney World now is so much bigger and better than I can even remember it being 30 years ago. There are multiple amazing parks, and attractions. Not only is there the Magic Kingdom of my childhood and the wonderment that is Epcot, but there is the Animal Kingdom, the Hollywood Studios, the Blizzard Beach and the Typhoon Lagoon. There is so much more for everyone to enjoy. Being a of the fish entity myself I think I would most enjoy Typhoon Lagoon.

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  1. It would never occur to me to jump the line as Carl did. To do so and pass the same people more then once is truly gutsy. For me, just thinking about being called out as a line jumper is unnerving.