Saturday, July 4, 2009


This is my bathroom on any given day

Small cramped and full of stuff. The vanity is, if not original to the 1930’s house, then damn close to it. The floor is consistently littered with the kids (and I use that term loosely as they are both adults now) clothes, Caitlyn’s bath toys and the babies tub and various crapola all over the vanity counter.

I often dream of living on my own. One day I will be independently wealthy and will be able to design my own home as it is being built. And when I do, I am designing the biggest bestest bathroom you have ever encountered!

A beautiful bathroom starts with beautiful Bathroom Vanities and I am particularly fond of this Single Vanity.

Of course, I could be swayed with this Double Bathroom Vanity.

But that would give the illusion that I am willing to share it with someone else and I most definitely am NOT.

This website has not only beautiful vanities but they also offer free shipping and the prices from what I can tell are pretty reasonable and discounted.

Of course this is in my fantasy future so, again you are entering my land of delusion (enter at your own risk).

I would have a walk in shower with surround sprays coming at me from all angles, with a bench for sitting and a rain showerhead over top. There would be a HUGE Jacuzzi tub definitely long enough for me to stretch out my legs and wide enough for my large derierre. I would have lush towels that would actually stay in the bathroom and not walk out on their own two feet and land in the depths of some teenagers room never to be seen again. I would be able to keep a washcloth handy without it being left at the bottom of the tub or being worried about what it was last used on before I wash my face with it. And the vanity? Oh the vanity would be clean and clear, my soap, lotion and something cute to decorate it would be the only things on it.

Ah well, back to reality.

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  1. Yes, if not for the people I live with my "vanity" would have nothing on it but soap. If I lived with no one else I could keep my tooth brush and tooth paste in a drawer. As it is my vanity is insanely cluttered and none of it is mine.

    I would not dream of asking you to share since I would get lost in your jacuzzi.