Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home Security Systems

I love the idea of a neighborhood community. When I was younger, all the kids on the block played together and all the parents on the block parented each other’s children. Families would sit out on the porch in the evenings talking to each other over the railings. Children would run from sprinkling lawn to sprinkling lawn (being careful of course to not step foot on Mrs. Howard’s lawn). It was a time when you knew your neighbors and your neighbors knew you. And still even then, your house wasn’t necessarily safe.

Our house was broken into many times over the years, unfortunately by some of the neighbor kids. Nothing could ever be proven, except the one time we found our awesome tent put up in someone else’s yard (nitwits).

Neighborhood Watch is a great thing, it is a showing of community, it is a rallying of troops, but unfortunately it can’t always be the only thing. Especially in this day and age, when most families have two working parents, the kids don’t play outside much because it is too dangerous and how many of you know the first and last name of your immediate neighbors.

Today it is easier and smarter to have a home alarm system. I’m not saying shun your neighbors or don’t look out for each other, but having a home security system just makes sense.

As I am not a home owner (yet) I don't have a house alarm set up, but I do have Link. She protects me from anyone that won't pet her.
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