Monday, July 26, 2004

Interview Part trois

Well, I didnt get the job. They "chose" someone whose department is being dissapated. It really is a let down, this is one I really wanted. I hate when they interview for show. I know there are laws and union contracts and you have to interview everyone eligible, but those of us who understand that you would prefer someone or you have to place someone should be told ahead of time so we dont get our hopes up! AArrgghh! It is just frustrating. So my next move is to put my resume out to the real world again. I hate to leave the district, great beneifts and vacations and all but I also will hate to lose 2 months worth of pay.

On a happy note. Adam has his reservation for Cleveland, the boys are all flying together on Thursday morning. After an hour and a half layover in Nashville they should arrive in Cleveland about 9pm. The opening ceremonies are on Friday with Aaron Carter singing the National Anthem (Megan doesnt understand why Adam isnt thrilled) and President Bush making an appearance. Truthfully I would feel safer if he just stayed as far away as possible.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, laundry all day before the cruisers return and take over the machines. Then practice for Adam. When we arrived at 5pm someone asked the coach what time to come back and pick up his kid. The reply was "DARK". Well at this time of year that can be anywhere from 7:30 - 9:30 so us girls went to the movies. We picked up Kayla on the way and went to see Cinderella Story. WHile not a bad movie, it is not something I would have seen if not for Megan (age 12) and Kayla (age 9). But is was air conditioned (quite cool actually) and dark and quiet so all in all it was very relaxing.


  1. Is this Cleveland trip going to be televised or something? Adam I feel you pain regaurding Aaron Carter. I am sorry that you didn't get the job. Doesn't your school district offer something like distributed pay? Where they don't pay you as much during school months so you can still have that check in summer months or even let you fill in for absent people during 'summer school'?

  2. They do have distributed pay for teachers but not for clerical staff.

    thank you for the empathy.

  3. Bummer!! I know Gretchen has run into a few of these too.

    I am glad Adam is all set. We expect to hear all about it.

    I don't even know who that singer is. I assume it is country since Megan is excited. And I share your trepidation about having Bush there for so many reasons.

  4. The singer is a boy-bopper. Not country. Good to know that Bush will be in Cleveland over the weekend. Being a swing state not only means we get the six million commercials, but the candidates drop in all the time tying up traffic where ever they are visiting.

  5. I'm so sorry that position didn't pan out. My advice is to stick with what you've got until you can get something suitable within the system. You have no idea how valuable union and benefits and seniority are. Worst case senario you could pick up something part time for the 2 months off. If you do get any offers from the "real" world make sure you factor in everything you would be giving up from the union job.

  6. I was so busy doing a little motherly meddling I forgot to mention how proud I am of Adam. I don't know how much he will get to mingle with all the participants from those 50 some countries that are going to be represented there, but even if its just a couple that is so exciting.