Friday, July 30, 2004

thunder and lightening

If at first you dont succeed try try again. I dont know what happened to this post and I cant remember word for word what I wrote, but here is the gist of it. Adam called and said they walked 4000 miles in the opening ceremonies, he didnt realize that as an athelete you are in the openeing parade not sitting on your bottom watching it. He took some pictures, so again I will need that tutorial shortly. He is worried about not being able to play because of the thunderstorms you midwesterners are allowing to happen, so Jackson has to cross all his toes on one foot for good weather and the ones on the other foot for good games for his favorite boy cousin. He saw Aaron Carter and was in teenage boy heaven with making fun of him w9ith his friends. RThe rain started before Little Richard could begin his performance so he missed out on that (he would have liked that one). No sign of W. and let's keep it that way! I just checked Yahoo weather and it is cloudy but 82 in CLeveland, sounds like soup. hot and humid, eeww! They havent posted any results. The last game for today should be over about 6pm Eastern TIme. On a side note, I think I ruined Adams day yesterday when I told him about the MASSIVE trade the Dodgers made of 3 of his favorite players. I really dislike Frank McCourt.


  1. Looks like more thunder than lightening.

  2. You love thunder and lightning.

  3. I don't understand. There is no posting under the title of thunder and lightening. I thought it was the aol but there's no posting when I get it from explorer either.