Wednesday, September 15, 2004

tv dinner

Wednesdays have What I Hate About You on Bravo! Very funny show about who is the most annoying person in the relationship!

I am rooting for Michael all the way. But I think Drew will run away with it.Neither Cowboy nor Diane has a chance against him becuase he really never "screwed" anybody (except Diane of course).

Colin and Christie could fall off the side of the Earth and I wouldn't miss them from AR. I would love to see Chip and Kim or the mommies run away with this. Next week is a two-hour finale so one more team is eliminated in the first hour then the second hour is a run to the finish. AR new season starts on October 2, just enough time to catch a breath in between.

Tomorrow of course is the important day SURVIVOR VANAUATU!!!!!! Absolutely can not wait for that to begin.

I missed the season opener of Everwood and Im okay with that. Taped LAX but then taped over it without watching it.

Loved Oprahs opening give away. Why is it I never seem to be at the right place at the right time?


  1. I heard the new AR started on 9/28.

    I'm still debating on Survivor, I haven't watched one yet, and I'd hate to break my streak.

  2. If I heard it correctly they are not showing BB tonight because of SUR (we have to come up with something). G you are going to be totally hooked. I think Michael could win on the "family" factor. The last one was one by the girl who kept whining that her family really needed the money.

  3. I have been watching What I Hate About You, but it turns our what I really hate is that MC. BB is on tomorrow night and then the finale on Tuesday. Fossilman is the guy who won the World Series of Poker.
    Oprah was pretty awsome, at first I couldn't figure out how the cameraman knew exactly where to point the camera when I thought there was only one key.

  4. My source for the AR start date is TV Guide, so go with the reliability factor. I didnt follow WSOP because I could never find it on at the real time, every time I turned it on it was the same one I had seen the prior week, so I gave up.

  5. I taped survivor last night (at least I hope I did), but I won't be able to watch it until tomorrow. I have my VCR set for BB tonight while the film group is at my house watching 9-5. I am not sure why we are watching 9-5 but I like Lily Tomlin and Indian food so I am rolling with it.

    But feel free to talk about SUR since there isn't too much you can spoil now.

  6. Arrggh!! I taped over Survivor!! I haven't watch my BB5 yet, I will try to fit that into my day off. But it is easier to do things out of the house on a day off than in.